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Proper SEO is the difference between a website and a web presence. Get your website in-front of your clients.


SEO and Content Creation

BUZZTeam Creative’s digital marketing and content creation services give your website a clear advantage over your competition. A successful SEO strategy consists of organic content, paid advertising, email advertising, basic social media sharing, and website edits. 

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Organic SEO

We will perform On-site SEO services to increase the search ranking of your website. A basic example of On-page SEO services would be:

  • Page Meta titles, descriptions, and keyword per page.
  • Blog entry with images, formatting, and social shares.
  • Backlink outreach to other websites.

Content Creation – A major factor in search engine rankings is the amount of quality, relative content that is posted and shared on your website. The types of content we create to rank your site are:

  • Blog Articles – regularly posting quality articles to increase your target keyword rank
  • Ad images – branded images for social or website to increase brand awareness
  • Infographics – socially-shareable content to increase brand outreach
  • Video Ads – Attention-grabbing ads to increase user interaction and attention

A proper balance of these services along with creative marketing and consistency will increase your website rank for your target keywords.

Social Media Accounts & Sharing:

We will connect your website with prominent social media accounts to increase your user reach. Blogs and articles will be shared on these channels. We will create (if not already created) and connect social media profiles on the following networks:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Google+

Social media can be a powerful tool. Additional Social Media Services are to:

  • integrate social media accounts with shopping cart software
  • manage targeted ads & promotions custom audience creation
  • complete user-interaction management (handle all comments, posts, replies & messages).

PPC & Paid Advertising

With proper PPC management, we can use paid advertising with Google’s Adwords campaign manager to target your audience and increase ad performance. These ads will be formatted to display only to your target area and demographics. Paid advertisements will be utilized in the following ways:

  • PPC – Ads shown based on search keywords within your target audience
  • Remarketing – Ads shown specifically to users who have visited your website.
  • Website Ads – Ads shown on other websites that utilize Google’s adwords engine
  • Search Ads – Ads shown on search result pages alongside organic results.

Newsletter & Email Marketing

We will create and distribute your newsletter to all subscribed users to your campaign list. We will utilize a sending service such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact (or other system if you already have an email marketing account) to reach out to your clients.

These services have sending limits based on the number of email recipients. Costs associated with these services will not be covered under this proposal.

The types of email marketing we will utilize are as follows:

  • Newsletter – information to update users on business & services
  • User Outreach – Encourage users to participate in marketing campaigns
  • Offers – incentivize users to use your service with discounts or offers
  • General information – Emails to thank users or to send custom, non-marketing info.

As part of our email service, we will import user lists from a normally-formatted digital contact list. If there are no digital files or the file is not compatible, there may be other fees to import this list.

Organic Digital Marketing

Organic digital marketing is one of the most effective, long-term marketing strategies for successful businesses. Adding value to your brand through useful content, relateable marketing, and relevant information will keep your brand ahead of your competition on Google and other search engines. 

Local Business SEO


Per Month

  • 1 Blog Post Per Week
  • 1 Newsletter per month
  • Local Backlink Outreach
  • 3 Targeted Keywords
  • Monthly SEO Reports


Small Business SEO


Per Month

  • 2 Blog Posts Per Week
  • 1 Email Per Month
  • 1 Page edit per month (on-site)
  • Social Media Sharing & Posting
  • 7 Target Keywords / Keyword Phrases
  • Bi-Weekly SEO Reports

Nationwide SEO


Per Month

  • 5 Blog Posts Per Week
  • 4 Emails per Month
  • 3 Video Ads per month
  • 4 Page edits per month
  • Social Media Sharing & Posting
  • 30 Targeted Keywords / Keyword Phrases
  • Bi-Weekly SEO Reports

Custom SEO Package

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  • SEO Strategy Planning
  • Custom Content Creation
  • Custom Email marketing
  • Managed Social Media Marketing
  • PPC & Paid Ad Management
  • Bi-Weekly SEO Reports
  • SEO Project Consulting

SEO and paid advertisement services require proper setup, configuration, and targeting in order to produce a successful result. Our normal on-boarding time is about 2 weeks for creation of pages and campaigns with 1 additional week available for revisions. Normal ad and SEO services are analyzed and reconfigured once per week.

There is a one-time setup fee of $1000 for the creation of your pages, accounts, and campaign

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