BUZZTeam Creative is a division of BUZZTeam Multimedia Incorporated. Part of a united group of professional, best-of-breed photographers, videographers, UAV/drone pilots, entertainment providers, website and marketing designers, business consultants and IT professionals who have combined resources, passions and ideas. We proudly serve the State of Florida with a goal of growing our resources to a national level. BUZZTeam Multimedia is comprised of four main divisions: BUZZTeam Creative, BUZZTeam Air, BUZZTeam Entertainment, BUZZTeam Photo/Video. Many of the exciting, fun products and services offered are a result of the collaborative efforts between its divisions.


BUZZTeam Creative™ is helmed by a two-person executive leadership team offering over 25 years of combined marketing, creative, technical and design experience. Specialties include Website Design, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, E-Commerce, Online Workflow Processing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Custom Campaign Creation and Management.

Meet Keirsten McDaniel

Keirsten McDaniel began her creative mastery as a teen artist with a passion for oil and acrylic paintings while pursuing additional practices in the arts of photography and videography. As Keirsten’s talents became recognized, she opened a professional marketing and graphic design business in 2004 to positive reviews from new world-class clientele. Keirsten’s impressive portfolio centers around a unique emotional branding process with a goal to touch both client and consumer viscerally.  “A common goal of most creative artists is to communicate an idea, thought or message thru visual, tactile or audio means….” Keirsten mentions, “…while powerful, I find personal benefit when a creative project touches or connects emotionally with its intended audience …When a consumer is emotionally involved in your product or service, you achieve more than an investment return, you create a trusted relationship. That’s priceless.”

Today, Keirsten is Vice President, BUZZTeam Creative & Marketing and continues her steadfast commitment of personal service, creative energies and unmatched talent with goals of unleashing business and individual vision.

Meet James Nicotra

The passion for artistic online creative began with BUZZTeam All-Things-Online Director James Nicotra in his teens. His creative “monitor canvas” includes design and workflow methods no one would ever think of doing. “I’ve been doing web design for 15 years and pride myself at not only creating, but being able to offer our clients exciting, custom tools which enhance and expedite the development process.” James states. James is a master at automating processes on the web for both design, social media and search engine optimization (SEO) management. Having owned his own digital and marketing creative services company, James pioneered the web’s first automated solution to hosting, web design and SEO management. His proficiencies extend to literally any client management software (CMS) platform for which to build ideas and workflow processes.

The Best Creative

Offering clients diversity and multiple implementation strategies is a must for clients beginning on the web or with any creative, online project. If Keirsten and James talents weren’t enough, BUZZTeam Creative™ builds on these foundations by assembling one of the most talented teams of programmers, bloggers and designers for unleashing any business or personal vision.

By textbook definition, ‘Creative’ is an adjective. At BUZZTeam, it’s a verb. An action of designing and building the best ideas, messages, visuals, websites, copy and marketing for use in ANY communications medium. The best ‘Creative’ never stops. It evolves.

So does BUZZTeam Creative™.